Zambia, in long form the Republic of Zambia, Zambia in English and Republic of Zambia, is a country in southern Africa with no access to the sea. Issue of Rhodesia British North, it is part of the Commonwealth. Its population is estimated at thirteen million inhabitants in 2010.1 Democratic Republic, its capital city is Lusaka.

The canoes are practices transport in rural areas and rainy season; Here in 2006, Bangweulu swamps in the dry season (Zambia).


The "Great East Road" (here in Lusaka), which connects the Eastern Province with the rest of the country and also in Malawi and northern Mozambique.


Wetlands at low water (dry season).

Initially populated by Bushmen hunter-gatherer people, Zambian territory is invested by the Bantu in the fourth century AD.


Mainly covered by savannah, the country is still home to a rich biodiversity, with fauna and flora typical of landscapes and varied backgrounds, while the scene of increasing urbanization and suburbanization, and a development of an increase acreage.
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